Our body is more than just a physical being. Our body is a vehicle that needs to be maintained. In the image on the left that the human takes a central position. Our DNA (genetic material) has a major impact on health and disease, but is not the only factor, as is sometimes claimed. DNA is also influenced by the environment which is called epi-genetics.

Every day we are exposed to toxins such as PCBs, dioxins and other hydrocarbons. Toxic metals are a serious threat to our health, too. Notorious are mercury (amalgam) and cadmium, which is labeled by the WHO as a class 1 carcinogen, meaning that there is evidence that cadmium can cause cancer in humans.

Pathogens are living toxins that endanger our health. Especially chronic viral infections penalize the functioning of the immune system, with CFS, chronic fatigue syndrome as a consequence.

We frequently see the simultaneous presence of toxins and pathogens. The triangle in the image shows that there is an active interaction among these three groups and the DNA.

Self-detoxification of the body.

There is an important group of enzymes that determines whether how well body can detoxify itself, called glutathione S-transferases. In some cases,  the body is lacking these enzymes and unable to eliminate toxins.

The psychosocial environment

The psychosocial environment may also have a negative influence  on health, apart from toxins and pathogens. This pertains to stress at work, at home, (childhood) trauma, etc. Burn-out is a well-known phenomenon.