Orthomolecular Medicine

Orthomolecular therapy is focused on administering the ‘right’ (ortho) ‘substances’ molecules. Although it is considered alternative, it is far from that. Next to mainstream medicine most studies have been done in the field of orthomolecular treatment. Hundreds of thousands of publications have been published regarding hundreds of naturopathic substances, often in the scientifically required double-blind method.

It is impossible to have all orthomolecular substances listed here.
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* Vitamin D3
* Ubiquinol
* Glutathion
* Resveratrol
* Pterostilbeen
* Pyrroloquinoline Quinon
* N-acetyl-L-carnitin
* R-liponsäure
* Vitamin K2
* Nattokinase
* Berberin
* Apo-lactoferrine
* 5-HTP
* Melatonin
* L-carnosine
* Curcumin
* u.v.a.

Resveratrol Curcumin