Clinical Metal Toxicology, 10th edition, 2011. P.J. van der Schaar

This textbook of more than 500 pages handles about all heavy metals (toxic metals) and the treatment of chronic metal intoxication with chelation therapy and nutriceuticals (supplements). But also trace elements can cause major problems, such as copper and iron. So all these trace elements and minerals are discussed as well.
This textbook is also the standard textbook regarding EDTA chelation therapy. But his textbook discusses more than just EDTA chelation therapy alone. All other chelating agents are extensively explained, such as DMPS, DMSA, DTPA, D-PEN, DFO and others.
This textbook is mandatory for those who would like to qualify as IBCMT approved clinicians
for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic metal intoxication by use of chelation therapy.
Former textbooks on chelation therapy only discussed EDTA chelation therapy. How useful EDTA chelation therapy has been and still is for the treatment of cardiovascular disease, it is not a suited chelating agent for the treatment of Mercury (Hg) related problems and illnesses. This textbook on chelation therapy closes this gap. Nowhere else you will find bundled together all related publications in the field of chronic metal intoxication and its treatment with chelation therapy.
This textbook also describes all natural chelating agents, their application and the concomittant use with synthetic chelating agents such as EDTA or DMPS.

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